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Microsoft's Xbox has, since it’s release, been nothing less than a phenomenal success. From the first time Bill Gates announced his intent to enter the gaming console market, not one person knew what to make of his decision. Some even went as far as to call him mad and even just plain stupid, as at the time, Sony had no problem beating off the competition which was Nintendo at that time. At first, the Xbox was called the Death Star or PC in a little black box, but by 2000 the world had started to see the first glimpses of the new Xbox, which would some day have a large stronghold in the gaming industry.

In San Jose, on March 10th, 2000, Bill Gates ended the many months of anticipation of the Xbox, by revealing his plan to launch his new gaming console at the Game Developers Conference. It was mentioned to the public that his new Xbox would easily be 3 times as powerful as the current gaming leader, the Sony Playstation 2. Bill Gates laid out his plans for world domination in the gaming industry.

The first Xbox was called the E3 and while showcasing it for the first time to the public, he noticed a new game that was being showcased at the Take 2 stand called Halo. No one seemed to pay any attention to this new game, but for Bill Gates it was gold. Microsoft requisitioned the game Halo, to include it with the new Xbox gaming system when it was to be launched.

On September 22nd of 2000, through a large teleconference of over 156 developers from the gaming community, Microsoft issued the release date of this new Xbox with less than 12 months to the actual launch date. EA Games were trying to win a contract for 10 Xbox games a year, so Bill Gates made a simple solution and shipped out 500 units to EA's world wide game development centres.

The official review of the ready to go Xbox happened on October 16th, 2001, when Microsoft held a conference at the infamous Cannes, in order to convince the European market, that without a doubt, the Xbox was going to be like nothing else available in the world.

On November 14th of 2001, the Xbox was launched, and having been shipped worldwide, people everywhere were fighting in department and gaming stores to buy a new Xbox, which was released just 3 days before Nintendo's new Game Cube system.

The rest is, shall we say history... in the making, and since one cannot simply state that the Xbox revolution will die with the latest addition of the Xbox 360, like Microsoft's Internet Explorer, the Xbox will hold a controlling stake in the chronicles of gaming history.

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