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Sony first entered into the gamming industry in 1988, when it struck a deal with Nintendo to help develop the Super NES. Utilising the exact same CD technology that they developed for the new SNES, Sony began to develop what would eventuality be known as the PlayStaion. Initially calling their gamming system the Super Disc, in which it was supposedly able to play both SNES cartridges as well as their CD-ROM games. In June of 1991, Sony announced their new system, that featured a port to play the Super Nintendo cartridges as well as their CD games.

Because of Sony's announcement, which broke their contract with Nintendo, Nintendo announced it was planning to work with Philips, for the development of the SNES CD-ROM drive.  Nintendo had broken an unwritten Japanese law that a Japanese company should not turn against another Japanese company in favour of a foreign company, so Sony and Nintendo took their case to court, but because of their mutual interest, they both backed out of the whole ordeal and Nintendo managed to escape without a penalty. Because of their joint involvement, it was in their best interests for both companies to maintain friendly relations. Sony, after all, was planning a port for SNES cartridges, as well as Nintendo was still utilising the Sony audio chip.

By 1994, the PlayStation was beginning to boom, as there was no doubt that that the company was able to deliver the system, but having no desire to end up like Atari, Sony sought experts in the gamming software development industry who could back their product.

The PlayStation was dramatically different than the Saturn, or any other system for that matter, thanks in part to their new joypad which provided unheard of control, with the addition of two more buttons on the shoulder. The PlayStation sold more than 300,000 units during the first 30 days in its Japan release and by 1995 the PlayStation made its grand American release.

On September 9th of 1995, the PlayStation was officially launch in the American market, with a total of over 100,000 pre-sold units, which caused nation-wide hysteria as stores around the country immediately ran out of stock.

Sony later released the PlayStation 2, or PS2 for short, and the original PlayStation was made into a more compact design and renamed the PS One. Sony's latest release is the PlayStation 3 or just plainly the PS3, which has been a much awaited, with rumours of the design drifting  around the internet for more than 2 years, before the world had the first glimpse of this system.

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