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Nintendo has been acknowledged as the worldwide leader in the creation of the concept of interactive entertainment. Nintendo has managed to sell over one billion video games, created icons of the gamming industry such as Mario and Donkey Kong, as well as the launch of their large gamming franchises such as The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon. Nintendo both manufacturer and market their hardware and software, for their popular gamming systems, the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy. They are considered to be the leader in the advent of the gamming systems into today’s daily lives.
Nintendo of America Inc. which is based in Redmond, Virginia has managed to create and maintain an average 40% stake in control of the gamming industry, even with such large competitors as Sega, Sony and Microsoft.

Nintendo dates as far back as 1889, even before the invention of the television. The company was first founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi, who began by manufacturing Japanese playing cards called Hanafuda from his Kyoto, Japan factory.

It would not be until 1975, that Nintendo would first step foot into the gamming industry, when they struck a deal with Mitsubishi to develop the EVR, or electronic video recording player. In the following year the EVR unit received a microprocessor and their first home gamming system was released.

Nintendo's real roots in the American market started with the release of their coin operated game, Donkey Kong, in 1981, which became an immediate success and gained popularity around the world almost over night.

Thanks to their Donkey Kong, coin operated game, in 1984, Nintendo was able to release their home gamming console, which was originally dubbed the Family Computer but it wasn’t until the Family Computer was released in the US, under the name of the Nintendo Entertainment System or NES for short, until it was.

It would be almost a decade later, in 1991, that the Super Nintendo Entertainment System would be released in the United States, in response to the gamming communities request for a new 16 bit system. By 1993 the system featured the FX Chip, which had become famous with the release of their game Star Fox.

Although it took 7 years after the launch of the NES before Nintendo released their Super Nintendo Entertainment System, gamers would only have to wait for another 5 years before Nintendo would release their 64 bit gamming system, the Nintendo 64. Over a half of a million units were sold on the very first day that the system was launched for public sale. Another 5 years of waiting would be worth it for the 2001 release of the Nintendo Game Cube.

To fill in the gaps between console releases, Nintendo also released several pocket gamming systems starting with the monochromatic Game Boy and working their way up to not only colour versions, but slim lined versions as well, because the original Game Boy, was just slightly too large to fit comfortably in a child's pocket.

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